Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heidi's Top Ten Cooking Rules

(not in order of importance)

1. The sweet and the salty SHALL NOT MIX. (As separately identifiable in the same dish)Celery does not belong in a Waldorf Salad, if it's going to be a fruit salad,do it heavy fruit style & if it's gonna be a Chex type deal break out those pretzel sticks & ranch dips. Chocolate covered pretzels don't really rock my taste buds either, though I can tolerate one or two. That's one of the weird food intolerances I have.

2. Splenda-cize as much as possible,it will cut down on those empty calories.

3. Diet Coke goes with everything,& the best thing is not having to figure out "Red or White?" because it comes in one color,black.

4. If it's dry,wet it.If it's wet,dry it, & if it's didn't come from my kitchen!

5. Burned items seem to have fewer carbohydrates,& extremely burned items are bolus free.

6. Spaghetti, like pump tubing,tends to cling to everything it's not supposed to. I want to eat the Spaghetti, not decorate the strainer with it.

7. Fried insulin really doesn't smell the same as fried eggs.

8. If all else fails, drown it in ketchup.

9. Rubber(processed) cheese is one of the most digesting things on the planet,& who cares if it's fat-free. Who actually likes it?

10. Cooking apps totally rock..if you can manage to avoid drowning your $$$.$$ phone in a buttery grave. Do not place phone near the mixing bowl!
(what else would you add to this list?)

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Katie said...

Haha, this is a great list! And I agree about the rubbery, processed, fat-free cheese. I'd rather have the real stuff!

Cherise said...

Lmbo! iPhone next to the ingredients! That's me all the way.

Steve said...

Wonderful little blog post!! I loved it!! I was a paramedic for 6 years before I had a L5-S1 herniation. Now I'm a CNA in a hospital where I see more of the devastating effects of Diabetes. I'm seeing it more and more and I am always writing something about it on my blog. Would love to keep in touch. Your page is beautiful! Keep up the great work! Keep aiming for that RN degree baby! :)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Haha! This was AWESOME! I love the Diet Coke thing!