Friday, July 30, 2010

FFL: Par-Tay In Orlando!

(finally finishing this up..before it turns into August!)

Medtronic sensors

This is my quilt square.(#190. Ain't it purty? One hot,hot day in May 2006(?) I slaved over this thing till it was finished.)

Dinner with friends...

Under the OmniPod Hut! (exhibit hall)

Thursday Evening's the blogger(s).

The large One Touch Delica.(new lancing device, free samples for all!I'd hate to use one that large, though..)

The Animas "Underwater" pump bolus exhibit..who can do it the quickest?

The blood sugars sucked...but I didn't really care. I was having too much fun!

Yes, pets get diabetes too. Meet Jackson, the CGM'ng dog!

(cats get type 2, dogs-horses mainly get type 1..and mice, get both kinds) Learned more about diabetes in animals they I could ever imagine..& why they don't try to tightly control bg in animals(risk of severe hypoglycemia, and lifespan too short to develop complications) Made me want to switch careers and become a vet!

Don't drive hypo!

The outside pool...a thing of beauty. THIS is what a pool should be.

Sponsoring somebody.(Charlie Kimball?)

Packing up the Quilt for Life:

Friday night, there was a young adult/adult dinner sponsored by Tandem. They were giving away an ipad/itunes gift card/camera, and had various diabetes-themed games that one could pick up extra raffle tickets from. The "Jenga" blocks were emblazoned with diabetes questions(wouldn't you know I had forgotten my glasses and had to get someone else to read mine), age appropriate,and that was actually pretty much fun.Sadly, I didn't win the ipad..but it was fun anyway,they had a coffee bar in addition to the food buffet. I sure hope they are repeat sponsors next year!!!

The final breakfast..saying goodbye. Every day was a blast..every day, was unforgettable.


George said...

I WILL be there next year.

NO DOUBT. Can't wait to see you there. Again!

type1emt said...


You totally must..I think next year will be even better,with many more DOC'rs sticking around &I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Sounds so great - thank you for sharing all the pictures Heidi!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to go back!

asskeeper said...

Hey, I know the scribbles in the picture!!!! We had a ball this year but I am still tired!!! I am still shocked at running into George in the hallway of the hotel.