Friday, February 12, 2010

Upside Down

You've probably seen this Youtube video, that describes, to a T, what an impact diabetes can have on one's life.

18 months(and 4 days)ago tonight...the world watched the spectacular opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Most of the world, that is. 08/07/08 was the day my intestines decided to have an intussesseption, and in the wee hours of 08/08/08 I was admitted to the hospital.

Fortuantly, after some more tests(and the drinking of industrial-strength-blockage-remover), it loosened things up..and surgery wasn't necessary. However, I was in alot of pain, I was a diabetic,my labs were whacky, and they weren't going to just discharge me. Morphine dreams was the only thing I watched that day.

The next day,they set about trying to correct the electrolyte situation.3 days later, it was doing better, so they discharged me. And though I have fears sometimes that it would happen seemed to be an isolated,random event.Bowel went back to normal.

Ever since then, the need for magnesium has remained high. 14 months of IV therapy. It's doing better..I can do 2 weeks now w/need of 4grams.(vs even 1 a week, several months ago)And I still hold out hopes, that I can get this pumping thing worked out.(right now, insurance has gotta approve it)

But it's there. Permanently. And my life, will never be the same. Like's here to stay.


Cara said...

That's a powerful video. I hadn't see it. :)

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