Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Daze

Over the weekend,parts of the North-central-east got hit with El Massivo Snow Storm.Dubbed the "Snowcopalyse" on Twitter,it most definatly left an impact.No where was it greater,then in certain parts of Maryland.Yes,DC,I realize that 25 inches of snow tends to cramp your spending style but there are places that are even worse off so could you do us all a big favor & acknowledge that fact?(DC acts like they're the center of the universe sometimes)Some places got three feet.We were semi-lucky,middle-of-the-packers.(at 30 inches)And we kept our power...which I'm very grateful for.

It's now Tuesday.Roads are still largely undrivable,gov't offices (including the post office) remain closed,and so is school.It's kind of nice,but I worry about the obscene amount of work I'll have to make up..pre-test.I'm back with last semester's prof,& he loves to spring frequent tests.(finish one,turn around & do another) It's not even 4 weeks into the semester & soon we'll be on test #2.

Unfortuently,yet another snowstorm is on it's way.Projected 12-20 inches,which is a crazy amount of snow to be dealing with.(on top of the last round)Digging out our cars was like making a snow fort,natural isolation from the neighbors and the world.With this one...we'll have our own snow castle! At 5'1, said snow totals will just about bury me(not including the drifts)It's definatly a winter for the record books.Got my Diet Coke stash though...so bring on Round #2!!

(Keeping the pump warm...)

Snow drift:


Shoveling out..


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Cherise said...

I love your pumps Hoodie! Too cool! That's a lot of snow.

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