Sunday, February 28, 2010

The App Spot

(your bi-monthly FREE app report)

1. NBCOlympics. Your up-to-date blow-by-blow of the 2010 Winter Games.(thankfully,they're almost over)
2.FSS Hockey.A way to be painfully reminded,yet again,that Canada kicks our rears in that sport & we just aren't that terrific in it.(it's actually air hockey,but reminds one of hockey in general)
3. Sunday Lawn. This is a really fun little game where you have to mow lawns while avoiding dogs,dog poop,and hamsters.(that break your mower blade and send you back to the beginning)
4. iSurgeon.You,a scalpel,and a virtual lawsuit waiting to happen!
5. Meebo. You can IM with over 100 platforms using this app..aim,yahoo,fb,windows live,gmail,etc.Ultimate geek must-have.
6.iVideoCamera. (.99) Not free...but well worth it,if you are stuck with a 3G and want the video camera option.Exports to Twitter,YouTube,Facebook,Flickr,etc. An awesome app.
7.Hawaii. Get away for a minute with the sights and sounds of gentle ocean sands/beaches.
8.Cool Curlings,Lite.(learn how it's really played...become a virtual whiz!)
9. MyCoke.(a code counter for your coke caps) There's no charge,(it's not texting) and it's faster then entering them all on your computer.
10. 5-0 Radio. Taps into the largest EMS-Fire-Police-other network,live stream.Keep informed,of what's going on in your area and around the world!
(the Aussie accents are absolutely adorable)

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