Friday, February 19, 2010

Secrets of the Genome(part 2)

(this is a 3 part series, the first will go up when I find the notebook I recorded it in..and the 3rd will probably go up sometime next decade,if/when it ever gets resolved)

Conflicting things have happened since I went in for genetics testing(at Johns Hopkins, in the later part of January)...most notably, blizzards. Never actually got around to the testing because Hopkins,wants initial dx'ng records before they do any tests. Hopkins, was closed the Friday the snow began,and for the next 9 days. (we were all long shoveled out by then, I tend to think they were shoveled out before we were..and they didn't get as much snow) Monday this week, I called them back-NADA, no records.Tues, the doctor called me-still no records,and they weren't in the office today, but oh yes tomorrow I'll call you back.(as I didn't expect that to happen, I wasn't dissapointed.) Thursday, I called them-still NADA so they suggested I call the old place and see if they'd even sent it. I called, they said they'd sent it back on the 29th and it wasn't there fault that JH was so sloppy. I asked, politely, if they could re-fax it because it appears that it never got through. They said no. (yes, it was shocking, no one has ever refused to re-send something.) You could hear it in their voice that they were 100% sick of the entire situation & 100% sick of me, wishing I could just dissapeir from the planet, I guess. They said they'd maxed out their "fax request" for the month.(1 a month?gee, great policy). I then asked if I could purchase a copy, and they could mail it,(that way I'd be sure to get it) and they said no to that too. Great. I thanked them and hung up, really teed off that it seems to be impossible to get answers from anyone and besides, legally, hello, can you deny someone their own medical records? Faxes do get lost sometimes.(perhaps they're so far beyond mistakes like that that they can't understand that fact) Called JH back, and of course they were off on a two hour lunch so I left a message, and called back later, because I knew they wouldn't call me back. Meanwhile, blood sugar had skyrocketed to 420 and I had had it with trying to be nice to anyone. Guess what-they'd found the (non-existent) fax! I then decided JH shouldered the primary blame, not the other drs office.(yep, JH had gotten it on the 29th) What a bunch of irresponsible dolts. I really thought I'd have to get a lawyer just to get a copy of my medical records. They also said they needed current treatment/lab values, so they were going to call the hospital where I get infusions.(and then call me back) They never "lose" anything.

Of course, they never called me back.(I think they just tack it on the end of things to sound good) 5 times I've called(over 3 weeks) and five times they promise to "call me back". The only way this process is going to keep moving forward is through my own blood, sweat, and tears. Called again today, and yep, they haven't had a chance to call for the records and I am pissed. PISSED.(and I apologize for the language but there is no other word in the English language that describes how I feel) I understand being too busy and all that but its been 3.5 weeks people, 3.5 WEEKS. You don't care two beans about patients.(If you at least called me back it'd be slightly better) And you don't seem to care if the process drags on for months. (At every step of this process, I'm the one to fax, call, and cajole this process along) The doctors are stellar..but the system is horrendous.

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Donna said...

I've noticed that more and more we have to do everything ourselves... and stay on top of everything...because no one else is paying attention. I've been through that FAX thing myself. with one person saying they faxed it and the other saying they didn't get it. You're doing the right thing...if you didn't ...nothing would be getting done. It's a new world...everybody is truly on their own. I hope you get everything straightened out!