Monday, September 15, 2008

Lessons of a Yard Sale(Part II)

Lesson Set #1
and last Saturday...
1. If something hasn't sold in 4 yard sales(2 years) it's probably never gonna and it's time to just let go...and give it to charity.

2. The dude who wants to know if you've got any sniper rifles for sale might just be on for something. As it pertains to scaring the heck out of #3, so much so that they'll never come back. No, I don't have any knives or guns for sale + I've no idea why he asked that.(nor do I want to know)

3. More of my favorite type of customer- the type who loudly proclaim something isn't worth it, offer you less then a dollar for the very expensive item, and snuff off in a pout when you stand firm that this price is the lowest you'll go. Grrrr, I bet you have no problem shelling out for the exact same item at JCPenney. At a yard sale, though, it's supposed to be free or nearly so.

4. Items being used by yourself(such as the fan and rocking chair) need to have signs that they aren't for sale because they are invariably the items that people want to buy the most.
Fan? no
Rocking chair? no
Windex bottle? no
Price stickers? no
Nationals baseball cap? no
(the forbidden seems to have the most appeal)

5. Water bottles really sell. WHO knew, my FFL stash is down to 2 now. I am giving the rest to the Salvation Army. I'd never pay money for something I've got zillions of but most people don't attend conferances and don't get zillions of various items.

6. The hot sun is great for the bgs..stayed between 140-170 for 6 straight hours, even postmeal!

7. People who don't like to drink diet soda probably don't have diabetes.

8. The price of everything drops by 10%, every hour.

9. You'll invariably forget to put a box of stuff out and be kicking yourself for missing out on a potential $30+ more in sales.(and it'll have to wait till the next one)
(kick,kick, kick)

10. Playing "Let's stop the Diabetics" is really fun, although most were in the type 2 category there was a young women who got the Ultra Mini(I give away my extra meters) and she coulda been a type 1. Or maybe people just like getting freebies, no matter what it is. Sometimes people are open about the D and sometimes they just grab and run. There was only one women who actually talked to me about it.

11. Drinking $6 worth of Diet Sodas significantly cuts into one's profits.

12. Heavy rains the night before tend to deter people from coming out en masse the next day-sales weren't as good.

13. We should have sold the new neighbor's house,it's kind of doubtful as to when they're coming back. Been gone for over a week now(they headed down with their boat to have some fun in Hurricane Gustav). One has to wonder whether they are coming back.

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