Monday, September 22, 2008

That Dysfunctional Epithelial Tissue

Primary function of the Epithelial Tissue:

#1 Tends to screw up. Big time. All glands are in epithilial tissue. I wish I knew why islets are so fragile, just like that they're killed by the tcells and the journey of a thousand other afflictions is launched. Islets seem to be the puniest cells in the human body. My islets put up a decent fight(6 month process) but after I was diagnosed, they took no time at all to completely flatline.(starting cpeptide: 0.3, subsequent cpeptide: 0.0) Why oh why, are such vital cells not tougher? I'd rather some organ like the thymus or the appendix go out, and the pancreas NEVER.

Primary function of the external insulin pump:

#1 To (have the infusion set) die, post-lunch, while taking an exam. In that respect,it also tends to screw up at the most vital times. Why can't there be some sort of alarm that goes off when the set isn't in your skin anymore? The Dexcom certainly lets you know when the sensor isn't in the tissue. The pump, has alot of things that need fixing.

I got my upgraded Dexcom, its at home waiting for me when I get back from school! No more having to waste tons of fingersticks(strips!) trying to calibrate the meter to the unit.(via cable) No more cable, you just put your bg in the Dexcom.Yay!


Bernard said...

Cool, I think you'll like the upgraded Dexcom. Two annoyances for me: order of the screens when you change the sensor; and speed at which the entered numbers change. Once you've used it a bit I think you'll see what I mean.

On the positive side NO cable and any meter you want. Not as good as a real cure, but it makes the whole thing a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

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