Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Case of TMI....

I'm a conspiracy theorist- I believe that school administrators dictate all the instructors to make exams on the exact same weeks. Case in point:
-A&P lab exam, 9/17 (Wed)
-A&P lecture exam, 9/22
-3 page psych paper, 9/22
-5 page sociology paper, 9/24 (Wed)
All three courses hitting the big time over the course of a week. Not just dumb luck, the A&P was more then enough to keep me occupied. I barely have time or energy for all I have to do.I've found that certain monthly events can also negatively deplete electrolytes, whereas the infusion I got Friday would have lasted me till Monday just fine,it ran out Friday night and Monday morning can't come soon enough. No energy whatsoever,and its from low electrolytes, not hormones. (Told you you didn't want to read this!)

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