Saturday, April 19, 2008

22 Actions on a not-so-lazy Saturday

Today, I have...

1. Got up. Tested. Got shocked, because I was 196 mg/dl. (expect the worst and get pleasantly surprised)Swigged a diet pepsi, chucked a fruit bar, and husband + I drug out yard sale items to the tarp/tables/ironing board in the front yard, spend next 30 minutes getting it all set up.

2. Gave away 7 free blood glucose meters, feeling warm and fuzzy because one gentleman couldn't stop thanking me. He was truly grateful. Why can't the meter companies give them all away free..instead of charging $70+ to older folks who STILL have to buy the strips? Geez...
(every diabetes conference, I obtain too many of these things)

3. Sold 58 cans of diet(cherry) and cherry pepsi. Now I only have 36 cans of diet pepsi to get rid of.(I can handle that, but glad to get rid of the regular since we don't drink that)

4. Drank 5 cans of diet pepsi, 1 glass of water, 1 cup of chocolate milk over the course of 5 hours.

5. Listened to an elderly gentleman complain that I was taking away all his Social Security money, and replied that he can feel better since he's contributing to MINE. (item is cheap one is forcing you to buy this, sir)

6. Saw another insulin pumper.(who bought 2 items) Yeah, I know another reason why I like pumpers-they know a deal when they see one!

7. Testing again, 3 hours later. 176. Yay, for the effects of the boiling hot sun.

8. Listened to an elderly women complain that I shouldn't be selling a pan for .25, it should be free. Listened to similar complaints for the next 10 minutes, wanting to tell her that it was my yard sale, not hers, but she was buying stuff so I had to smile and bite my tongue.

9. Gave away 20 bottles of Boost. I don't drink it anyway.(not unless its a research study, and they're paying me to do it) Did happy dance that the stuff is finally GONE.

10. Walked down the street, bought a bag of 12 fabric paints for $1.

11. Watched in slack jawed amazement as someone cleared out 1/4 of my Bath and Body Works merchandise.(paying generously)

12. Replied 10 times that no, we can't take $7 for two brand new, worth $20 apiece pillows.

13. Finally took $4 for one of the pillows...

14. Replied 20 times that no, we weren't selling our two awesome white rocking chairs that we were sitting on. (Just bought 'em)

15. Sold 15 bags of Halloween-Easter-Christmas candy.

16. Sold 3 cds, did not sell 75. Crudddddddddddddd.(can't even sell them on Ebay)

17. Got acquainted with the neighbor lady who almost bought our house 17 years ago, and still absolutely loves it.

18. Watched husband cart over a weight set from the neighbors across the street. They were free...but rusty/dirty enough to be from the last century. Oh well.

19. Sold extremely ugly (fashionably) cracked candle holder(that was a wedding gift). Yes, we appreciate the individual's thoughtfullness who gave it, no, we cannot keep it.

20. Sold 2 of the pans/griddles that we got as wedding gifts.(we got about 10, no joke) Not enough storage space to keep them all. (nice as they are)

21. Packed up about 1 pm, dug out a few things for the last person lurking 'round who couldn't make her mind about what she wanted(putting everything back, getting it, putting it back, getting another item, putting former item back, repeat). I did my best to help "It's better to have this on hand-then need it, and not have it" but she was more undecided then everyone else combined. Yay, for the yard sale finally being over.

22.Checked again.(150 mg/dl) Ate lunch, counted profits, blogged about it, and took a nap...
Love them yard sale days. I could never make this much money,(in one day) with the exception of in-patient research studies. Kind of like a mini tax rebate check.
(time to do a little shopping...+ pay a few bills) I was pretty surprised how many people showed up, our street only had about 8 people doing yard sales on it. We were the first house-so prime time location, that definatly helped.


Laura Williams said...

I'm always so shocked that meter companies in the states make you pay for meters.

There is not a SINGLE meter company in Canada that will not give you a free meter when you buy 100 strips. You don't have to bring in a coupon or anything, all the pharmacies already have everything they need.

Sounds like a really successful yard sale though, and some real personaliaties dropping by.

Donna said...

Glad you had a profitable day(even though you had to put up with a few slightly irritating customers.) Hope it was worth it. :)