Friday, April 11, 2008

Socially Acceptable

Warning: This is rant about body parts.

I hate my hair. Really, really, hate it. On a good day, it looks like Dolly Parton.. on a bad, it looks like this.
It has a mind of it's own.
So yesterday, I decided to get me a professional cut/straightening(something I've not done in forever) Got the cut,straightened(wanted to use caustic chemicals but got there too late for that). I want highlights, next time.

Now, I look something like this. Only, envision it extremely light, puffy,not braided,and with enough static electricity to full a small city. The hairdressers LOVED it,and my husband loved it, I hate it. I think my hair will never look good. If it were up to me, I'd shave it off entirely and wear hats for the rest of my life. No kidding. Another problem-when the hair actually looks acceptable, it highlights my rather plain,ugly,zitty face + that looks all wrong.(I can't do makeup right)If I hadn't have gotten D,I'd have gone to Virginia Military Institute + they shave everyone shorter then short there.No one would care what I looked like.
And, speaking of odd looking things, someone saw my tubing today and asked if I was wearing a cardiac monitor. Hmmm, never been asked that before.
Well, that's my rant for the day on the ugliest parts of my body.On to happier subjects.
My freebie tshirt, for giving blood 4x in 2007:(I have them from 2003-2007)Look forward to getting them every March/April.


Donna said...

I hate my hair, too. Can't do a thing with it. My daughter has beautiful, full, thick, cooperative hair. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad she has it. It's just a little disgusting sometimes. :)

type1emt said...

yep, some people have it, some don't.Most don't..

Figured someone out there in the OC must hate their hair too..I'm not alone:-),hurrah.

Diane J Standiford said...

I hate my hair most days and $45 for buzz cut. I get it cut once a year.