Friday, March 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Guinness

March 14, 2008
Dear Guinness:

I realize you're horrifically busy, dashing all over the world to validate great human feats/records. And I realize, that not every "record" is truly something that you want your readers to try at home.
But since you've already published various diabetes feats(highest blood sugar(somewhere over the edge of reality, at 5000+ mg/dl) and the most number of injections(70,000+, some Scottish bloke who's had diabetes since 1926) I think you should consider another category.
I hold(or,at least I hope I do) the record(for anyone still living) for the highest hemoglobin a1c.(average blood glucose, over a 3 month period) Not quite something to proud of, but a part of
my infamous past.(the sole reason for growing rapid cataracts + going blind in 3 days post diabetes diagnosis,but thats another story) And I think I deserve recognition for still being alive.
Enclosed, you will find hospital records of the said fact. (Date of records: 12/10/98-12/13/98)

(A1c: 23.9)


Another Annoying Reader


Val said...

Darn - I thought a found another person who was saying "thank you" to the brewers for putting the carb count on my favorite bottled beverage LOL!

Bernard said...

I found a card from the 90s. My A1c was around 12. Ouch. I'll take 7.1 anyday.

Of course the recommended levels were very different back then.

type1emt said...

Val: I'll let you take care of writing THAT particular letter lol
(beer isn't my thing)..
Bernard: Yep D-care has definatly changed for the better, but it doesn't make it any easier! (I've never reached 7.1, figure I will,by the time there's a cure..)