Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pumpers Anonymous

"Hello, my name is Heidi, I've had diabetes for about 10 years.(Insulin addiction all the way) This is my husband, G, and we're obviously new to the area-showing up over an hour late, Baltimore is a huge place + we got lost getting here. I've been a "pumper" for almost 7 years."

I sit down, feeling selfconsious but in a good way. These people "get it", even if most of them probably think I'm just a baby-faced rookie.(you missed the pediatric meeting, sweetie) Which I definatly feel like, when I meet people who have had diabetes since the days of huge syringes + urine checks. But no one can say I'm a rookie pumper,+ that makes me feel slightly better. I am a veteran, in that regard.

"We're so glad you could join us," the CDE, smiling, gracious, welcome, responds. "Too bad you missed the speaker, he was in the previous hour, but we're glad nonetheless!" (speaker was an Omnipod rep)

Talk shop(pump, diabetes stuff) for another 40 minutes. I don't know how most pump groups do the seating stuff..in my former group, it was a circle, or rows of chairs.
This one sits around a huge, long table. Thus, impossible to hear what someone at one end is saying when you're sitting at the other end, and several conversations were going on at once. Everyone else is a Medtronic pumper(I'm the odd person out, once again), but that is the pump company most people go with. I try not to take it personally, nor deliver my true opinion on that subject.(my beef with MM is another post) I meet a couple of people, a relatively new pumper and his wife. He frequently contracts work in the town we're in, so its possible to run into them at any weird time... And, I met someone from the CWD chatrooms. She had told me about the meeting in the first place. She was really nice, its always interesting to meet someone you've chatted with for years.(at least) Around my age, too.

A final "door prize"...

It was challenging, lugging it home(got some weird looks on the monorail) but diet coke, is diet coke. (worth the trouble) Altogether, it was a good session. Original scheduled speaker was canceled(which I'm glad of, really wanted to hear him) and rescheduled for April. Can't wait for the next meeting!
(which I think I'll drive to, public transportation is a massive headache, and there was plenty of parking at the site.)

My name is Heidi...and I'm an addict to pumping. No hope for me, I'll never overcome it.(unless there's a cure, and then I'll probably still go to Former Pumper's Anonymous.)


Donna said...

Hello. My name is Donna & I'm an addict to pumping, too. It helps to know we're not alone in this, huh?

That final door prize was great. I'll take Diet Coke anyday.

Too bad they didn't have things arranged a little better, but glad that you went & met some people. It helps me to not feel so alone when I meet someone who deals with this diabetes stuff like I do. It's kind of comforting in a way.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey - anywhere that gives away Diet Coke is alright in my book!

Anonymous said...

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