Saturday, March 22, 2008

25 Products to Rock Our Lives(part 1)

#25 A futuristic syringe, designed off the stinger on a mosquito. No pain. I'm not one to
complain about needles,but I've got to admit there are some fairly body-numbing
ones out there.(not diabetes related,the ones I mind are about 3 inches long and suck half the blood from your body) The less pain in that regard, the better.

#24 The New Ice Breakers cubed gum..(or at least, new to me)
(2 carbs,5 calories) Be still, my heart. It is so
good.Almost makes having diabetes worth while.

#23 Dual Blood Pressure- Blood Sugar monitor. Watch them both go up the longer you think about it..

#22 The Kit Bag.

#21 The Pelikan Sun Wannabe
(yes, its good, but do the math.. its .15
per test! (with shipping) And you're changing
that 'bleepin' thing every 1-2 days, depending
on how much you test.. it sure adds up.

#20 The 60's Child

For the wild child in ya.. dude,that decade wasn't
the greatest for D-advancements. Oh well.

#19 Never be caught unprepared

How long till this hits the shelves, I want one..(not in me, but near me)

#18 Glucose Spray
Haven't figured this one out yet- is it meant for treating hypos, or for a sweetener alternative? No carb counts anywhere on the package.
(your thoughts needed, before I try it)


Christine-Megan said...

It's meant for treating low bg, but it's stupid because it's 399 sprays to hit 15 grams of carb.

Donna said...

Interesting list, Heidi. I can't wait to read about the rest of them.