Thursday, November 08, 2007

Before you say "I do"

I'm having a problem, one that D kids in 1920 didn't have to worry about. The car in front of me is doing a circular jig + my brain is rapidly approaching shut down mode. I have to get off here, and I have to get off FAST.Before I pass out + crash.

Stuff Doritos into mouth, check Dex.

110-and trending down very rapidly.

I don't care what I actually am, I just eat. Pull off at exit, find nearest gas station, pull in + park. Appropriately enough, in front of the ice machines.(and across from the ice cream parlour)It's 32 degrees outside.

Drink juice. So cold, so dizzy. Dex has me at 80 now. Ah, my favorite gas station(Sheetz)- where else would I be getting low? Like Target, this place has
charms to soothe the savage hypoglycemic beast.

Lurch inside, buy more sugary drink. Go back to car, consume.

Dex shows me ???, I throw it into my bag in disgust.An hour later, I'm 311. And not shaking anymore, but still really dizzy. Recover from that, for the next hour. Bawl, feel sorry for self, hate diabetes.
Get back on Beltway. (the show must go on)

3 hours later, 376. Bolus 5 units.
1 hr later-180. Dropping like log, drink juice
2 hours later, 130.

3 AM- 260, high alarm wakes me up. Bolus 1.2 units

5 AM-62.(low alarm wakes me up) Yep, 1.2 units of insulin has dropped me 200 points.(if I'd have bolused like usual,I'd be dead) Eat.

7 AM-220

9 AM-300

10 AM-340

At this point, I figure infusion set is toast so I shoot 3 units and drop to 170 by 12 PM. Back on the Beltway, headed back home.

And things have been pretty good, without the pump on. Sure solves the prob of basal + bolus insulin colliding + dropping me like heck. Also had a low at lunch time yesterday, it was not a good day.

I obviously need some insulin though..but it needs a major overhaul! Just wish it wasn't now.

Got marriage lisence today, confirmed things with photographer. Rehearshal dinner tomarrow night,and Sat.morning it all comes together in the grand finale. Probably gonna check 10 zillion times that day..
(note to self: do NOT wipe finger on sleeve of dress, or suck it)
And oh, yeah. Happy birthday to these little dude(tte)
They are so much bigger..and even more cute!


type1emt said...
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Major Bedhead said...

Holy crap, what a roller coaster!

Maybe you can tuck some tissues up your sleeve or in your flowers for finger wipe-age.

Anonymous said...


I hate diabetes too. Just reading it felt like winding through a wicked maze.

Be good to yourself. Enjoy your wedding day, your honeymoon, your marriage. Fiance is a lucky man.