Friday, November 02, 2007

Dateline Dex(11/02/07)

Dateline, 10 pm. Somewhere at large on the frozen Virginia Tundra....

A Dexcom 7 spits out another unremarkable, utterly smack dab normal blood sugar.

First day on the Dex:
79-158 mg/dl.3/4 of those numbers were in the 110-120 range. Man, this is GOOD.(it took awhile to calibrate it right with the Ultra,but now its like within 15 points)

Of course, I don't believe that I am 100, I can't believe it. Its all relative, and I was probably 20 points higher. The hour I spent in the 80's, though, sure felt like it was pushin' a hypo.(ice cream plus 2 hours temp rate eventually brought it up to the 100's again)

What I did today:
-discover 6 still usable vials of test strips
-discover 2 vials that expired last month(grrr)
-discover 2 vials of insulin that are still in date but need to be used up
-rescue my antique sliderule + one-day-antique insulin vials from the trashcan
(my mom is great to help, honestly, if you discovered insulin vials that expired in 2001 you'd probably chuck them too but it nearly gave me a coronary)
- eat
-bolus, and watch my blood sugars not change one iota
- watch my Dex some more...
-throw away 6 trashbags of junk
-give away 5 boxes of stuff I'll never use

Moving Day Tomarrow!!!!!!
(for the vast majority of my stuff)It's somewhat differant this time, joining two houses into one isn't like a single person accumalating more junk for life on their own.(its more purging, this time around)I have entirely too much stuff.


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