Friday, November 30, 2007

Where the Union Jack Meets Stars/Stripes/and Bars

Up at 4:30, Dulles airport by 6. Uneventful pass through airport security.
(nothing patted down,wanded,or set off) Oh my gosh,first class is POSH.
(I've never experienced that before,heck I've never even had anything
more then nuts or pretzels on 4+ hour flights!) Complimentary breakfast of omelet/mushroom,fruit bowl,sausage,yogurt that I can't half touch because we
just had fruit cups prior to getting on the plane. That,however, does not stop me
from making a valiant effort on breakfast #2. Just a 4 hour flight, but we're served a f/u snack 2 hours later.(nuts) Watch "Transformers"(in-flight movie) and the time goes by very quickly.
Get into Housten,hour layover. Waddle on over to the next flight,which is even more deluxe.These seats actually lay DOWN,the ultimate mark of convenience. Continental,first class.(you only live once..and what better time to do it,then on your honeymoon)
And,the 4 course meal...

Appetizer: Smoked peppered Atlantic Salmon roulade w/cream cheese and horseradish dressing

Salad-Field greens, romaine/Belgian endive,cherry tomatoes,goat cheese,pecans,buttermilk dressing + garlic bread

Main Course-Herbed breast of chicken,topped w/sliced beef,marinara sauce,melted mozzerella,grilled Roma tomato,sauteed baby spinach,Lyonnaise potatos

Dessert-Vanilla ice cream,toppings

Did very well with the bgs,as said meal was spread out over 3 hours. I didn't eat all of the main course though.

3 hours later,MORE food was served.(Panini chicken sandwich,complimentary chocolates, chocolate chip cookie)2 glasses of diet coke and I didn't eat anything else for the next 16 hours.(I was that stuffed,and jet lagged)

Touched down at destination, took shuttle to exclusive resort (by exclusive,I mean not open to the general public) where I also had to produce MY ID even though Glenn(hubby)was the one who booked everything because its DOD.They want to make double sure about everyone.(that's all I'll say on that subject)

Next up: Where we went:days 2-4.

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