Friday, November 07, 2014

Project: Naturopath(etic)

Today, my thyroid tests came back normal. Which is all well and good for my Endo appt next week(I appreciate that she emails me back so promptly) but I feel like there's a whole autoimmune picture that I'm completely missing the boat on..and that the two thyroid tests in question are not telling the entire story. My thyroid is a has been sputtering on and off since my type 1 diagnosis(16 years) and now appears to be,on. Since Synthroid makes me feel incredibly bad, I take it maybe once a week..and still have an in-range TSH and T4. (I have not yet admitted this to my Endocrinologist.) It now appears that I don't need to be taking it,but there are other thyroid tests that I'm curious about(T3,etc.) that tell a more complete story of my thyroid and my Endo doesn't want to run them because everything is fine with my TSH. However, I still have an autoimmune attack on my thyroid (as evidenced by elevated antibodies) and this will always be the case. I have also learned that low Vit.D is part of the whole Hashimoto's deal and that's something that should be monitored periodically as well. I like my Endo,but those aren't tests that are on the top of her agenda. From the TCOYD conference, I learned so much more about the whole gluten-thyroid-low Vit.D love triangle and though it doesn't appear that gluten is a problem now,it may very well be messing with my thyroid. I'm so conflicted because who goes off gluten just for their thyroid and it's still "iffy"evidence. Yes, I have the genotype for celiac disease but so does 1/3 of the population and few go on to develop celiac. I will not say that I won't ever go gluten free (I love my gluten) but currently it's "wait and see." In the meantime, I have scheduled an appointment with a Naturopathic Doc
(because of Maryland non-licensure laws,I have to go to DC). I feel like they will offer more insight into this mess that I'm currently not getting. Love my Endo, but not all thyroid patients can take Levothroxine. (A fact she isn't understanding. My body hates that drug.)I feel like I should also have a thyroid ultrasound,after 16 dysfunctional up and down years. So, I've made an appointment for Nov.14..and I can't wait to get a full work up for defincies, etc.
I've never been to a ND before,and I'm certainly not going to stop taking insulin(if they ask,I will run far,far away) but I think this will be a good experience..modern medicine and alternative medicine can work together. Neither of them has all the answers. I'm certainly going to keep my Endo in the loop,and not do anything overly rash..but I feel like it's time to start looking for answers elsewhere.


Minnesota Nice said...

I bet she'll suggest Armour Thyroid, which is derived from pigs. I have two friends that have been taking it for years.
Also, there is a very large "normal" range for the TSH tests, so where within that range is normal for you? It's just a guessing game.
I was taking 75 mcg of synthroid for years. Then, when my doc was on a vacation and I saw someone else, she upped it to 100 mcg because I said I was cold. (Perhaps not taking into consideration that we were in the midst of a brutal Minnesota winter....)

HVS said...


Not sure what my Endo is going to say. I am all in for a different kind of med, whatever that might be. And I don't know the TSH..I intend to get copies of all my labs when I go to the ND. (I'm one of those nosy, need to know, patients)
I know you are used to Minnesota winters but wow,did upping your dosage help with feeling cold at all?(I'm fairly certain I would never go out of the house from October-May if I lived up there..I don't tolerate cold well!)

Minnesota Nice said...

No, I did not feel any different. And at my next appt with my primary, he was annoyed that she had made a medication change (I guess he wanted to be in the loop) and we decided I'd go back to 75 mcg.