Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Trip to the ND

 Yesterday was a wild sort of World Diabetes Day.

I woke up early,participated in the 24 hour Twitter WDD chat that was going on. Blood sugar was flat in the 170's. Took J to the babysitter, prepared my handwritten log,ate and bolused for a bowl of oatmeal, cancelled my Chiropractor appt.(which is always a Friday morning deal but I was feeling overwhelmed) and made sure I had all the things I needed for a long day on the road..then I drove to my Endo appt(scheduled for 10:30). They were running behind,& the waiting room was pretty full. As always, the assistant did weight(up 2 lbs),blood pressure, a blood sugar(322,yeah I should have prebolused that oatmeal) and since I hadn't gone to the lab to do an a1c I payed out of pocket for one on their machine. Endo appt went kind of rough, she didn't like that I just went cold turkey on taking Synthroid but doing a ultrasound to see if anything is going on & another set of labs to her before next appt. She also didn't like my process of ignoring the pump suggestions/frequently bolusing via syringe to make sure it got in.("Either do one or the other.") A1c had dropped by .6 so she was slightly happy over that but not to the point where it forgave my multiple diabetes related trespasses. ("you have to be in the 6's if you want to have another baby.") I'm aware of what's involved, I did have one. Ah,well. It was then off to my next appt of the day,with the ND in DC. I abhore driving in the city, everyone is so rude/horns blaring constantly,barely found a parking garage and every one I asked had no clue where anything was. It's like they live their entire lives within a two block radius. I'd been trying to get ahold of my husband to pick up J by 5:30(no way in heck I was going to beat the Friday rush) and that just added to the stress. Finally found the correct building,went down to the basement office. As I opened the door (with minutes to spare) a strong blast of aromamatic therapy hit both nostrils..and the office was decorated in Chinese artwork. Yes,
It was going to be one of those kinds of places. We went into the ND's office, he offered me a glass of water before we got started(somewhat unexpected..) and went over my entire medical history. First and foremost, I wanted to get my thyroid sorted out. Next, I want to check for gluten sensitivity. He explained a lot of things and agreed with most of what I had to say. He said that in the absence of abnormal thyroid tests with fatigue,adrenal functioning should also be considered so that was added to the list of tests.(full thyroid panel,Vit.D,gluten sensitivity,adrenal saliva cortisol) Rgise are the basics. I can get the normal tests done at a LabCorp nearbye,the others will have to do at their other office in MD) 
The pharmacy will mail me the prescription for NatureThyroid,which is a T4,T3 blend.(we are starting at the lowest dose,because my T4 is tentivly in range)
He recommended fish oil supplementation as well,which I agreed with, (helps the heart health) and Evening Primrose Oil,which I said no thanks to. He's a big fan of fixing everything at once. (Me,not so much. I understands the reasoning but if you start all the radical changes at once how do you know which one doesn't work?) Anyway,we have a plan, moving forward.
Paid,hustled back to my car, paid for the parking, texted babysitter that I might be late,and started to inch my way out of the mess that is DC on a Friday afternoon. Finally got ahold of my hubby who could pick up J. And then I started getting stabbing pains under my rib cage, which continued for the two hours it took to get near home. Blood sugar stayed up in the mid 350's. Thought I might have mono,because my neck glands have been pretty tender for the past couple weeks and mono combined with spleen pain is bad business. Went to the ER. A bag of fluid and some antacids/pain reliever later, blood work came back negative but I do have a lot of sinus drainage/red throat (possible infection
) so I got put on an antibiotic/antacids for that. Drove home,crashed.(near 10 pm at that point) Blood sugar finally down to 89,so a snack was involved.

Way to much adventure for one day.

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