Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I cannot sleep tonight. That lump of coal,formerly known as my stomach,pitches & rolls like a ship on the high seas. The D-gods are angry,& the skies above are pitch black...interspersed with the ketone strikes of lightening.(coincedentily, so is the weather outside) And Diabetes laughs at my puny attempts at "control."

241. Probably have ketones,but improved over 12 hours ago, as my blood sugar went from 155 to 600+ in a matter of hours. (I'd eaten the routine breakfast of oatmeal & bolused appropriately) But it was a new pod,& not a good one,as I very shortly found out. Being greeted by that HIGH was a freak-out moment of epic proportions,the last time I've had one of those had been at least 6 years. I took a shot,& rechecked an hour later. Still high. I do not know what to do with a number I can't see,so I packed up the Bairn & we went to the ER,which resulted in a 525 bg at triage(I felt stupid,as I was obviously coming down). Cue stomachache. Blood sugar dropped to 404 by time of being seen,IV fluids & Zofran & 10 units later was 202 & discharged with orders to call Endo. tomorrow.(not in DKA)(Wee Bairns dad picked him up & took home,many hours before.Wee Bairn thought it was a very interesting place & charmed everyone he came in contact with.)

I need Zofran,& I need a listening ear(on my blood sugars) & a shoulder to cry on,words can't express how much I hate diabetes right now.It sucks.

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Colleen said...

I hope today is better.

Scully said...

just... wow.
THIS.REALLY.SUCKS. You did the right thing though, you did what your gut told you to do. You have an infant and I'm guessing you were alone. Smart woman you are.
But this post hurts. I'm sorry you went through that.