Friday, March 04, 2011

The Not-So- Magical Express

Somewhere between the intersections of Ketone Valley and DKA Junction, the grand 'ole Diabetes Express made an unscheduled "pit stop" at 3 am last night. It could have been the fluids situation(getting extraordinarily low) or something else. All I know is,it sure felt like all of that. I was hoping the parchment-like thirst wasn't anything critical but the line on my Dexcom revealed a 3 hour spread in the 300+ range & there would be no "ignoring it." Fingerstick revealed a 355 mg/dl.Out came the emergency syringe(I do not mess around with bolusing in such situations). Something had obviously failed big time,but I was too brain dead to fix that something. My blood cells were bathed in glucose,& my "super system" circulatory system felt as sluggish as the Washington Beltway on a Friday afternoon.My kidneys were having their heyday,as my lungs also worked overtime to get rid of the poisonous CO2 accumulating,compliments of the ketones. I felt like a giant prune,& going to sleep never felt so easy but in that moment,there was still a chance to turn The Diabetes Express back to the sunnier (& cheerier) land of Euroglycemia. Chugged two cups of water to chase the ketones,& crawled back in bed.

(down to 201, & non-existent ketones)
Today is another day.(& one that fortuently doesn't require going to school.Youngest brother is getting married today.) Being hit by the Diabetes Express takes a day or so to really recover.(it's amazing how fast you can get into trouble & how long it takes to feel human again)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

It's wild how long it can sometimes take to recover from a hard da.