Monday, March 21, 2011

Freestyle Failure

It's been a very (long)& relaxing weekend, but unfortuently, there have been several bumps in it. Most noticeably, I begun using the new butterfly strips with the "Freestyle Freedom" blood glucose meter & am getting readings all over the spectrum.I brought two meters on this road trip,& I can't really tell what's the problem-meter,or strips,because I don't have any control solution) It's really disconcerting when you can't even trust your meter/strips & it's not the sort of situation that you want to strive for "tight"(80-110'sh) control in. I thought if I had my Dexcom on,it would at least give some guidance as to which hundreds I'm actually in(100,200,300,400,etc.)but that's been giving me question marks so at this point, I'll take the lowest meter reading & go with that. Tomorrow,we'll head back home & I do have a One Touch meter(& leftover strips) that I consider to be the "Old Faithful" glucometer...99% of the time it's right. I hopefully have strip solution for the freestyle meter so I can do comparison's & figure out just what is wrong here.

Lesson of Story: never bring something "new" on a trip,without first testing it out first. Technology is a great thing but if it malfunctions it changes diabetes care from control to survival mode.

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Nyx said...

I like my Freestyle Freedom and Freestyle Lite that I've been using since they updated to the no-coding versions, I get a new free meter every time I buy a new pack of test strips. Never had an issue with either of them and the newer meter I get I donate to those in need.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Ironically, I'm having trouble with my One Touch Ping meter and have to go back to my Freestyle Lite to get a correct reading. Getting 240 from One Touch and 150 from Freestyle...96 from OT and 55 from Freestyle (was definitely hypo). Hope you can figure it out. I will miss my Freestyle Lite!!