Friday, March 11, 2011

Apple to Apple(s)

Thursday,March 10, was another great moment in the history of Apple.It was the day this debuted....

and I happily gave up my unlimited data plan(well,not happily,but accessibility trumps having so much data that you don't use much anyway.)

Personal Hotspot(created by my iPhone) accommodates 3-5 Wifi enabled electronics on that network. We don't have Wifi at home,& attempts to create one have been unsuccessful(my husband has forgotten/claims to have never created a certain core password & it hasn't really been worth the headache or $$$$'s to get a professional opinion.)Now I can run my iPad (or upload camera, or anything) off it.(instead of having to go to school/someplace with Wifi). It's much easier to blog from an iPad then an iPhone. (5x screen? and I can use my Bluetooth enabled keyboard,which is still in the box from my birthday package!) There is a data cap of 4(GB) which I will probably exceed & have to pay the overage charges,but perhaps not.(I never came anywhere close on just my iPhone usage) When I called to activate it,the phone tech in the iPad dept. had no idea what I was talking about & insisted it couldn't be done.(it's like she hadn't gotten the memo that Hotspot was debuting that day) I gave up,hung up,and rebooted the iPad and voila,it worked.I can also use my iPad to review lectures from the comfort of bed(I don't care what the instructors say,bed is an excellent place to study) which I couldn't do before.

Best Apple update EV-ER.(barring the giving up my gold star unlimited service,but being AT&T,of course they were going to pull something like that. If Verizon ever gets to the point of similar options (& my contract runs out) I would consider switching.)

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Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I have no clue what this hotspot thing is. I have to go check it out. I feel like the techie you called!