Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday Blobs

#1 I'm home today,quite unexpectedly,the plan was for another research study visit. However, the research coordinator is MIA (really, really, not like email or phone confirmation, and phone messages go straight to voice mail) and I am not driving 8 hours round trip without some sort of confirmation. Call me unreasonable,but you can't even get into the building(unless someone lets you in) & I am not making that trip for nothing. I'm kind of worried about her,because she also has diabetes and I just hope she is ok. I also hope someone answers her voicemail & tells me what to do next, because I'm days away from (study supply) depletion, and while I have no problem using my own, I really don't think that is protocol & I don't wish to be kicked out of the study for that. I have the endocrinologist's (home) phone number,& may use it(I think this classifies as worthy to be bugged about)

#2 Hand Surgeon is back from his vacation,& a date is now set in stone.Unfortunately(again,sheesh, is this Friday the 13th?) the two (date) options were November 10 (wedding anniversary) or December 8. I really don't want to have surgery on November 10,but waiting till December really seems un-doable,it hurts too much. The only good thing about it is diabetics always get moved to one of the first surgeries of the day,because we've been fasting and might crash and burn if they don't do it asap. Not true, when one is on a pump,but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth,let them believe what they want to believe. It won't be hand surgery,it's at the elbow-an anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve (sub-muscularly,which the surgeon feels is more effective for thin,younger patients). Cast for 10 days.(no blogging/Internet except for what I can do one handed) Goodbye, (online) social life. I am glad I am in this research study, though,because it is a heck of a lot easier to fill/insert an Omnipod one-handed then it is a traditional set.(or reservoir fill) As for the Dexcom..I may just put one in right before and hope it lasts 10 days. It's darned if you do, and darned if you don't can only hope & pray that surgery does more good then harm.
I want it to fix everything but I'm aware that in some people,it causes permanent damage.

#3 On October 6, the diabetes community was saddened by the passing of Christopher Saudek,MD an endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins, and a real insulin pump pioneer. I enjoyed his talks with the local pump group,& he was a really nice, decent,interesting individual.(far and beyond his passion for all things diabetes) His is a legacy rich in helping thousands of people with diabetes (throughout his 35 years in practice) Unfortunately, he didn't get to see a cure but he believed in one passionately. I will never forget him.

(he wrote this book,and autographed it for me)

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