Thursday, October 07, 2010

No #Dblog Day: EMG Results

This is not the cheeriest of blog posts, but short and sweet is what I need right now.)
Non-complicated,(or caused) by certain disease processes.(unlike the rest of my life) Soon as the doc gets back from playing golf in Bermuda,we can discuss surgery options.(it's nothing that's going away)

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George said...

Yikes. I think this is the surgery I had and now have to have again.


Simon said...

Hey Heidi
I have been reading your blog with great interest of late from here in Australia. I too have battled with many D related complicatins and surgeries over the past year and reading of your struggles has really helped. The sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on

HVS said...

George: ugh, I hope not.Your blog post about the EMG really helped me (in terms of what to expect)I hope you get some answers soon to what you're going through.

Simon: thanks for commenting,I may not always reply to every blog post but I appreciate the input.Sorry to hear of your struggles,you're quite right that life is not all gloom & doom(I'm not either,FTR,it's just easier to blog about one's woes then it is to blog about the things that do go right)Best of health to you.