Sunday, October 24, 2010

A la Foodie Extraordinaire

Comfort Food is...

A half open grilled ham sandwich w/tomato slices & heavy on the mustard/mayo.

A cup of raspberry tea on a cold,rainy day.

The bottom of a Nutty Buddy.(solid chocolate tip combined with waffle cone = ahh moment)

Actual,fresh fried potato chips at a Renaissance Fair.

Something only I would eat.( don't ask)

A Diet Coke.

Fresh peaches,home made ice-cream. Out of the universe,good.

But I also think food is much more enjoyable when the blood sugars are 85, versus 285. It tastes different(even beyond the appetite issue), it tastes better.(IMHO) I was never someone who enjoyed the mental calculations of food/ dx,food became more of a drag(then anything else). I still like it,eat too much of it on occasion, (like anyone else-diabetes or not)but it lost it's innocence & spontaneity the minute I had to go on a diabetic diet. (eons ago) You can never quite be as blissfully ignorant as you were pre-dx,even though you now have the freedom to cover any carb with insulin.However,with an 85,I also feel more inclined to branch out in my carbohydrate repertoire since I'm not already high.(with a 285, I go more for the meat/veggies) I wish I had that freedom..24 hours a day,to eat what I want,when I want.(blood sugars still dictate much of it) Food can be both enjoyable & a total drag.

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Scully said...

"food can be both enjoyable and a total drag"

George said...

So totally true. It can be such a drag.

Also is the Peanut Butter and Syrup on your waffles? If so, that is what my son does and loves.

Jamie said...

I've put jelly on waffles before, but never peanut butter. That looks pretty much amazing. I think you just picked out tomorrow's breakfast for me. :-)
While planning and tracking your diet can be a drag, it is better than the alternative, right?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Mmm, Diet Coke!

Seriously though, food is complicated for us. Sometimes that makes me mad.