Friday, January 02, 2009


Tonight I changed my pump battery for the first time. After popping a fresh one in, it whirled back into action and showed 0U in the cartridge.

There are no words to describe the freaked-out feeling you get that 85 units of insulin are now coursing through your body so I won't. (death, very, very soon)Ripped out the cartridge immediately, and it was still full so no insulin OD but my pump trainer forgot to tell me about that little goodie. Called Animas, reprimed. Still checking just to make sure I didn't get any insulin.

Thanks, Animas. That took some 15 years off my life.


Caro said...

I remember being similarly freaked the first time I ever changed the battery in my old IR1200.

And I still think it's odd that changing the battery requires a re-prime!

andrew motolano said...

Sweet merciful crap.

I start pumping next week.