Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Food Nazi Class

So I'm taking a 3 credit course, nicely jammed packed into 2 weeks. 2-3 quizzes, 2 tests, 1 paper, 5 homeworks, and 1-20 minute presentation is my lot-4 hours a night, five times a week. Insane.(but I digress)

The instructor(personal trainer) is a real food Nazi, if there ever were one.She let it be known(on the first night of class) that she so much as spotted a French Fry being consumed she'd tell us to dump the junk food in the trash can, it would not be permitted in her course. Five foot 5 inches of lean,mean muscle(not a scrap of fat on her body) and she wears really tight clothes so you can see all that muscle.

The cast of characters:

-muscle building guy(think Doug Burns, minus the hair)
-nose ring guy(in very back)
-half the class sits in the very back...
-political guy, who is extremely motivated and says he's running for President some day
-person in front of me-who is taking TWO two week classes, plus working(now I feel lazy)
-the rest of us, who just want to get on with our lives

It's a nutrition/fitness class, so I guess she kind of has a right to make the rules but if I'm ever low and drinking a juice/eating something and she berates me you can bet I will let her have it.

"Would you rather I passed out from low blood sugar? Excuse ME for having diabetes."

Something I would generally NEVER announce to the entire class,
but if she embarrassed me you can bet I'd embarrass her.
And there are no bathroom breaks/breaks during the whole class so you can bet the food choices will be viewed/analyzed by the entire class. It's rather annoying.

I've never given a 20 minute oral presentation on ANYTHING, and the last time I did give one was 7 years ago. That was around 5 minutes. And mine, is due next Tuesday.
Aughhhhhhhh.(and its not on diabetes...its on hemachromitosis. Diabetes is pretty boring, right now)


Christine-Megan said...

That sounds horrible! I feel for ya. At least it's only a few weeks. I'm really glad I'm done with school. But oh. Wait. I'm starting grad school next week. Curses!


I'm sure you'll do great on the presentation.

Raaj said...
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Anonymous said...

Hematomachrosis can be the cause of bronze diabetes. Though if you have gotten this far along in the disease, other systems have been compromised. I would present on hematomachrosis, go into bronze diabetes as well. P.S. Better keep glucose tabs on your person. Put them in a pill box and, if asked, you can tell your instructor you are taking your "medicine." I also would go up to the instructor, introduce myself, and warn her that you have diabetes and may need to snack if low. Instructors need to be aware of and sensitive to these issues.

Scott K. Johnson said...