Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sweetest Place on Earth

Remarkably, isn't a room full of PWD's gobbling sundaes. Nor is a FFL convention. No, the sweetest place on earth is a certain little town, tucked away very near to an interstate near and dear to my heart. That interstate, takes you all the way to my old hometown. (yeah, I was tempted)

Hershey, PA. The medical center nearby(Milton S. Hershey Medical Center) must get its fair share of touristy types who make wisecracks while waiting in the ER for phenergan because they tossed too many cookies from riding the many wild roller coasters.

"But doc, chocolate has antioxidants! It's good for my heart!"

"Can I have another IV bag of chocolate milk?"

Nurse: "Doc, he's crashing!Do something!"
Doc: "Push two amps of chocolate and stand clear because he's gonna jump off that table a-swinging. He's just in withdrawal."

I'll bet they also diagnose quite a few cases of diabetes, people tend to go a bit overboard on their consumption of chocolate. (saw people carrying huge shopping bags of chocolate)

Nurse: (sniffing) That's DKA.(to self) "Sir, your days of chocolate imbibement are going to have to come to an end- you've got diabetes and after this, chocolate is going to be a treat- not a daily staple."

On that particular day(last Sat.) also cold and drizzly. Went from 76 in one state to 40's in the next. Quite a shock to the system, I was ready to go home. Free Credit Report dot com commercial guy(or his evil twin) pulled up right in front of us, parked his car and strode purposefully toward the entrance, looking as if the weather didn't bother him one bit. Although, if I were making that kind of money off of commercials it wouldn't bother me so much either.
Go inside. Wander over to lunch pavilion, eat lunch. It was buffet style so of course we overate. The pulled pork sandwiches were the only thing that saved me from turning into an icicle, they were lovely and warm. BG 230's.
Went on Ferris Wheel.(we were the only ones)
Went through Zoo America
Went on the "Kissing Tower"
Went on canoe ride(kind of like Splash Mountain but didn't get quite as wet)
BG 179, ate popcorn. Sun comes out.
Went on SkyRide, monorail, antique cars, train
Browesed shops on way out. Both of us hate roller coasters with a passion, no loss there. (we are old boring married people)Got several souvenir thingies for my collections, husband got chocolate. Also got Hershey perfume so I can smell sweet, not just BE sweet. (which is sooo 20th century) BG 238. I swear, its something in the air.

Final stop at the Factory:

Went on tour ride, did some more shopping, then went home. It was a fun day.


Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm going to be thinking about a D sundae party for the rest of the day!

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