Friday, October 24, 2008

On a Friday Streak

On my way out the door this morning, my pump tubing got caught. This was a first- in terms of that this door was the front door and I'd already locked it. I had to leave the pump there, go get my keys from the car, and unlock the door. I wasn't wearing the pump, I've had alot of extreme sensitivity nights and last night I just took it off, it was so impossible to get my blood sugars up. Suffice to say, not a great idea- I still needed some insulin. Fell asleep, woke up high, took a slight bolus and took the pump back off. Woke up 150. Off I went to the infusion center, to get my magnesium infusion and I bolus for breakfast. Dexcom shows a steady trend up to 210,(at the time of bolus)I don't correct for that. Goes up to 300, and then it tanks right on down to 152. For the second time this week, the IV lock comes loose and blood starts to seep into the pillow and blanket. Delightful.(on Monday it blew blood all over the bathroom) Fortuantly, I'm sitting down and it doesn't seep much before a nurse comes to my rescue. This doesn't seem to be my week for luck with IV's and mini IV's.
Anyway, getting back to the blood sugars-I know that bolusing anything at bed is a horrible idea, even if I'm high.(I'll get low) I think I need to cut everything 50% around the board, starting at 11 pm, and post-supper run it on 0% or take my pump off. I'm glad to finally have more sensors, my last bunch expired before I could use them all and I haven't been able to afford any for the past month. CGM's make diabetes so much easier. (goal for new year..get insurance to COVER sensors, a battle I've been too busy to fight) I use my sensors till they absolutely don't work anymore, + get about 2-3x the normal useage out of them. I do get my money's worth but its money that the insurance company should be shelling out, not me.

Friday's Goodie:
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Have a good weekend,everyone.

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