Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Time Warp

It was 12 PM all day, according to the work clock.They hadn't switched the time yet, and then the battery died. Highly disconcerting when you just want the day to end..

Straight out of "Scrubs"
(aka "My Monday")

3 AM- Wake up hypo, devour pre-Easter candy, fall back asleep.
5:30 AM-296. Not surprisingly, bolus correction
6:30 AM- 25 carbs(really a light breakfast, all things considered. Bolus for that)
7:30 AM- I'm parched. If I had to guess, I'd say that my blood sugar must be in the upper 400's..but that's impossible, I just bolused for everything. 3 cans of Diet Coke later..
8:30 AM-280. Well, that partially explains it, although I'm not generally this thirsty on a 200's number.
9:30 AM- Rolling nausea, figure my set is probably toast and I should check for ketones. Eat light snack.
9:15 AM- Hypo time. Eat another snack, take light bolus.
10:00 AM- 200. Still feel low. My meter must be lying to me today.
10:30 AM- Supivisor tells me to go to another dept.
11 AM- Get settled in to other dept., commence work.
11:30 AM- Another hypo. AuGggHHHHHHHHHH. Package of yogurt raisens down the hatch.
11:50 AM- Lunch.
Meanwhile, my new coworker is taking bathroom breaks on the half hour, and stays there 10-20 minutes each time so not a great deal is getting done on our end of things. This is because of a hangover, he'd already vomitted in one of the department's trash cans. Supivisor told him that if he goes to the bathroom one more time, he'll have to go home(its been going on all morning.)
So what does he do?
Yep, parks himself right in front of trashcan #2, not 10 feet away from where I'm working, and commences upchucking-going back to work-going back to the trashcan.
Right in front of everyone.
I've had enough of that, I'm just doing most of his job anyway + the department is quickly filled w/the lovely aroma of alcoholic vomit. I inform the supivisor, and the supivisor tells the guy to go home.
Since things still smell pretty aweful, I move to the opposite side of the dept. to try and get away from the smell.
Final Blood Sugar of the Day:
Yay, me.Skip supper,change set, crash into bed.
I'm going to call about my a1c results, they still haven't gotten here + I figure the week couldn't be any worse anyway.
Today's Agenda:
At least it's a balmy 70 degrees outside.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh my word - what a gross experience at work.

And the rollercoaster ride you were on did not sound like fun either.

What's in store at the dentist? Drilling? Oy.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

type1emt said...

Just a cleaning at the dentist, but a filling broke so they'll be having to fix it in the near future.
Yeah,I hope.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh Heidi that's disgusting!! Maybe that fellow should be shown the door - permanently.

Drea said...

That is gross what you went through at work.......I would not be able to handle it, I would barf too....

I hate rollercoaster days like that.....just go to bed and wake up tomorrow, start a new day :)

julia said...

Ew. What kind of tool pukes into a trashcan all day? That is disgusting. Poor you. And the dentist on top of it all?

Chrissie in Belgium said...

What a day in ALL respects. Tomorrow has to be better! Right? T hope the other people at your work have better manners! Quite unbelievable.....

v.i.c.k.i said...

i wouldn't have gone to work anyways. that's gross. i hate the smell of sick.

what a horrible blood sugar day, i hate those. i'm having one quite crappy today actually. i'm drinking water by the bucket load and i can't get below the 300's.

q. know any good cat names? boys