Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 Things on a Tuesday

#1 Had f/u appointment with eye doctor, that went ok.Seems a portion of my vision has reverted back to funky(but it is better then completely funky), and the incision is healing well. And yeah, you can still see the black blob of stitches, those should be absorbed sometime in the next month. With this type of surgery,sometimes you just take what you can get + the eye doc isn't going back in. The surgery corrected 3/4 of the double vision.(which is nice) On the wall of the exam room, there was a framed cross stitch for one of the eye docs.(The Retinopathy guru) That was kind of interesting- perhaps one of his patients was so grateful that he'd saved their vision that they made him that. Another f/u in 3 months. I won't have to have a dilated exam in awhile..as he'd done that(sometimes w/all the drops they put in, its difficult to tell what they're doing)

#2 Marched on down to the cafeteria, where I devoured my very healthy Caesar salad w/no fat dressing + low fat milk. They didn't have any other choices, or you'd have bet I'd chosen them.(like chocolate milk + artery clogging Ranch)Stupid hospital food.

#3 Flirted with the parking garage attandent. (not to worry, he's got grandkids)

#4 Drove across town to the endo's office, where I demanded my a1c results as it's been a month + anyone has yet to call me back/send it in the mail...Nurse promises she'll discuss it today w/my endo,even if she has to spend all day on the intercom.
How am I supposed to work on that a1c,if I don't even know what it is?

#5 Drove to Walmart(oil exchange) + groceries.

Five Things I need to get done today:
- Post office(supply pickup,mail stuff)
- Fax Deltec upgrade + other needed pump stuff to Endocrine(she's gonna hate me, when she gets finished with all of that..)
- Pour Drano down my kitchen sink, and hope that it works(not come bubbling up the garbage disposal)or the landlady will not be happy.
- Continue watching Northern Exposure, Season 6..
- Go to the gym. It's been a solid week, since I've last been. (lazy, lazy me)


Minnesota Nice said...

The 6th season of NE is pretty good, but I think my favorite was the 5th. I'm ready to start over again with the premier episode.

When I had my retinal surgery I had just two stitches, on the outer edges of my iris, at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. They also dissolved, but until doing so, I could feel them each time I blinked, scratching against my eyelid. Lovely.

Sounds like you're doing okay. (I still can't get over that uncouth co-worker).

Chrissie in Belgium said...

After my vitrectomy, it took quite a while for vision to really improve. One has to be patient..... and optimisticly assume the docs know what they are doing. It certainly DOES take a while to actually see better. I will be seeing a new opthamologist at the end of this month.... Cross your fingers for me. I will cross mine for you!

type1emt said...

good luck,Chrissie!(sorry its late, but I hope its on time anyway)

Kathy- I think they made some of the couples stuff turn out ALL wrong, beyond that, 6th season is good.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Heidi, have you had a chance to read my blog - I do not need to have Lucentis. It seems that the bubbles in my eyes can have formed really a long time ago when my D was less well managed. The second opthalmologist suggested nothing new and had the same opinions as my first one - so I will continue with her. My therrible hypos have disappeared. Gradually I have had to again increase my meal insulin fo much higher levels than before. For the same food and exercise I started with 5U; hypos made me decrease to 2.5U and now I am up to 7.5U!!!!! I am so scared it will flip again. This is some scary, confusing disease.