Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm in the mood for Blog(ging)

Computer update: Still on the fritz, I think it's due to a virus. My computer is so buggy(and slow) it's only a matter of time before it dies entirely.

7 things to do before I die:

#1 Get an a1c under 7.
#2 Finish up my RN degree.
#3 Travel the world- go scuba diving off Australia, skiing in the Alps, and mosquito-slapping in the Amazon.
#4 Finish my book.
#5 Find the right guy..get married, have 2-3 kids. (or more)
#6 Donate blood 100+ times.
#7 Be a contestant on Jeopardy. Man, I would so love to be on there...

7 things I CANNOT do:

#1 Cook
#2 Be organized.
#3 Disregard moral views, for the sake of anyone. Not even for a cure.
#4 Understand why supposidly wonderful parents smoke around their kids.
#5 Enjoy minus zero degree temperatures.
#6 Stop wishing for a cure.
#7 Play basketball, I'm just too short.

7 things that attract me to men:

#1 All men(present company excluded) are scum, and I'd rather not discuss the 7 most important(nonexistent) qualities at the moment. Or perhaps its the fact that I must be the anti-thesis(whatever)
to those 7 most important characteristics.

7 things I say:
#1 Alrighty, then.
#2 Hey you!
#3 Oh puh-lease.
#4 Been there, done that.
#5 Way to go.
#6 Do I look stupid?
#7 Crud.

7 Books that I recommend:
#1 Whatever you want, it's fine with me. I haven't read 7 books in the past year- I'm not much of a reader.
7 Movies that I like:
#1 The Sound of Music
#2 Ladder 49
#3 Cars
#4 Flightplan
#5 Catch Me if you Can
#6 The Notebook
#7 Yours, Mine, and Ours

SUPPORT THE FAIRTAX! (the only way we'll be able to pay for SS and the rest of those 'essential' government programs)

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