Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gone with a G

"It's not about me."

Except it was,darn it. My nephrologist had announced his retiring intentions via mail,and there was no going back..only forward.

"I want to find someone who is good for you,& your set of rather unique issues."

And so,we talked. (At my last appt.)We talked about my magnesium issue,the diabetes,the Vit. D (where he dropped a rather potent analogy comparing my taking a few Vit. D pills to sipping a drop of water for dehydration),the upcoming gastro appt,the possibility of Celiac(doubts it),this,that,the other. He is leaving the practice to take care of personal issues and won't be back (he's also getting older.) And we talked about a replacement doc(I could stay with the practice..the other neph will see me,or can wait till the practice hires several other docs.) I think Ill do that,not that there's much choice, but he encouraged me to keep on this path till I got answers.
I'm really sad about his leaving,and I feel like he was sad too but you can't help some things.(at the end of the appt,we hugged,and that was the end of it. I don't have answers but he still tried to put me on a path toward some and I'll always remember him.)

In other news, I won't be going to FFL this year. That's another extremely painful happening but thanks to my summer course and lack of funds from unexpected bills we can't afford it this year. Hopefully next year.

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Minnesota Nice said...

Oh Heidi if my nephro jumped ship I'd have a fit, because I've dealt with the entire department and all the other docs are jerks.
My shrink, who I'd had a close relationship with for 10 years, left for another clinic system a year ago. The person I was then put with announced, "nice to meet you- I'm retiring in 6 months".
I guess we all need a lesson in flexibility, but, it's not easy.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man, I'm sorry. Change is so hard...

And I'm also bummed that you won't be at FFL, but I totally understand. I'll just have to imagine those kickass Diet Coke earrings...


John said...

Liked what you said.

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