Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diabetic Dabs & More! Giveaway

I'm very excited to be holding The D-Log Cabin's very first diabetes giveaway..fueled in part by Elizabeth Sacco of Diabetic Dabs who offered a sample of their product to myself,and a blog reader. She's a mom to 4,and D-mom to one.(her son was dx'd in 2011 )

It comes in 4 packs of 50 sheets each. Each sheet is highly absorbent,and can be ripped off and discarded although I use them for as many blood blots as I can. Easily fits inside my meter case although it would be a bit bulky for your standard ugly black case. Each box is available on her website for $9.49 plus s&h. After reviewing this product, I feel like I'd have wanted to buy this's not just like blotting your finger on some old paper napkin floating around. It's soft,blood wicks up quickly,and it's portable and convenient. And today, you'll get a chance to win a box....

Along with two boxes of Level Life Bars: (a good low carb snack)

A cupcake picture frame & $5 Radio Shack gift card:

A GoPicnic Meal:

And a blue organizer bag to put D-stuff in(or whatever...I just love organizer stuff).

To enter, just leave a comment. Winner will be drawn Sunday night.( 3/23) (also,it must be apparent that you in the D world..either yourself or a loved one has diabetes)

(The whole shebang of goodies)

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Wendy said...

Okay, not sure but if you get two comments from me it really wasn't my fault. I swear. My dog did it. I would love to win this. You also know me so to prove I am a diabetic what do I need to send you...a used test strip????

Minnesota Nice said...

i want i want i want

Carol said...

Would love to win this for my daughter. Her tissue in her meter gets so....well used. Lol. I don't usually care until I see her use it in public. :-)
Not sure if you know me. I don't blog about anything ( yet). Though I frequently post on fb and retweet a variety of things. and occasionally it is about Dlife. Got here from a @Scott Johnson tweet and I have met him at a CwD/FFL conference. This is an awesome giveaway. Those dabs look cool. And all the other goodies as well, I'm sure my daughter will make good use of them. Thanks for offering this.

Alexis Nicole said...

You may get double comment from me too, phone issues.

I know J would love to try these items!

NC mountain Bruce said...

The wipes look like a great idea, the Level Life stuff is the max, used probably 25 glucose gel packs this week, (working in the woods)

Anonymous said...

Nina says "Hi, Aunt Heidi!"

Sue Rericha said...

This would be great to have. I would love to win! Right now I have a folded up kleenex in my meter case. This would be better! (The other goodies would be great, too!)

Sue Palcis said...

This is a great idea! Better than the scattered tissues or oops I can't find one so my jeans work!