Monday, August 05, 2013

Friends For Life: the Wednesday Prelude

Decisions are hard for me.

Which is how I found myself staring at the Friends for Life schedule, 15 minutes before the focus groups began,with still no earthly clue which one I wanted to attend.

The movie screenings looked pretty interesting, but the siren call of the traditional ones also beckoned. Visions of potential Disney gift cards danced in my mind, and which focus groups might actually stand and deliver.(it's kind of a guessing game) Except for the last session of the day, which my friend and I actually sought out the rep to sign up for. In the end,these were the ones I did. And I kind of missed out on most of the social media ones, because it's impossible to be three places at one time. (and I missed out on Diabetes Art as well)

Novonordisk: choosing your device.(pen) This one was pretty good, but I can't talk about it due to the contract-in-blood that they made us sign. I'm sure you understand.

Animas: Artificial Pancreas. I would have preferred the Tandom session, but it was full. Ours was totally snoozefest, basically putting a bunch of happy/sad faces on their poster(of AP idea features).

Medtronic Diabetes. More confidentiality forms, but this one yielded a small Lenny the Lion and a $50 Disney Gift Card. (it was quite intensive and lengthy) Love the company, hate the pump.(or something like that)

Then I went to hang out in the Bloggers hangout, and met someone from Twitter that I've talked to. It's pretty cool, putting names with faces but I struggle with overwhelming the poor souls(who are you again? ) and for that reason, I really don't feel I should say anything unless they actually kinda-sorta-know me. Half the interwebz reads their blogs. About five people actually read mine.

(the Lion & Me: we'ze cool. Photo in the exhibit hall. My kid loves his little Lenny the Lion(joining the big Lenny we got last year.) Although he still calls it "bear" as he can't tell the difference yet.)



Bruce said...

I read your's and look forward to the next

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love that picture! Very cool! :-)