Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last night at a D-meetup,I lost my beloved Dexcom.

I tweeted about it, & while the DOC still has its angels,it also has its "other" individuals. News Flash: not every PWD is your best friend forever. Someone said that they wish they had a Dexcom to lose in a bar..not the therapeutic response of the day. Whatever that means.(insinuating that I'm a rich,spoiled PWD?) I'm over their response, I'm moving on.(you don't know me OR my situation)I don't have $1300 to drop on a new one. I hope someone turns it in, I've called the restaurant & I went back & searched the parking lot..nothing. Hopefully they will turn it in when they realize its a medical device. (At this point, I hold out hope) This is the first time that I've actually lost a valuable piece of medical equipment(or had it stolen), for real.(& I'm 99% furious at myself and 1% furious at the person who took it)


Colleen said...

I just put an address label on the back of mine so that if it's found by an honest person, it would be returned to me.
I really hope your dex will show up.

Mike Hoskins said...

Yeah, because that's what we all set out to do when we go out - lose our medical devices. What a fool. Anyhow, sorry that you lost your Dex. Hopefully someone does turn it in. That happened to me once, when I had it in my pocket in a booth and it fell out when I was sitting there, and I didn't realize it - as I usually wear the egg on my belt. But realized it once we got home, only a few minutes away, and it wasn't busy so no one was sitting there yet. So easy grab. That's a good idea about the address label, like one of those little envelop ones. May have to do that!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry, H. Both about the loss, and about the remark.

I hope your dex turns up soon.