Monday, March 05, 2012

A Baby Lullaby

Hush, Little Baby, don't you cry
Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond studded rattle
If that rattle goes and gets stolen
Daddy's gonna pay for your entire private school education
If that education leads to being bored
Daddy's gonna buy you a Nintendo Wii
If that Wii doesn't get you sufficient exercise
Daddy's gonna buy you a BMX
If that BMX results in a broken leg
Daddy's gonna buy you a $15,000 surgery
If that surgery is sucessful
Daddy's gonna buy you a Mercedes Bentz.
If that Mercedez Bentz leads to jail
Daddy's gonna spring & pay your bail.
If, by then, you have a gal
Daddy's gonna pay for the wedding
If that marriage produces kids
Daddy's gonna lose what remaining hairs he has.
(Daddy will also have zero of an estate to bestow)

Kids are expensive,even if one isn't a millionaire...which we're not.(FTR) First kid's always get somewhat spoiled anyway,just by virtue of being the first.

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Colleen said...

And... He is so cute!