Saturday, November 05, 2011


Have you met Hope?

Hope wears a medical alert, the latest Keds tennis shoes...and a smile that will melt your heart.

Hope is in the "All clear" from the eye doctor.

Hope travels thousands of miles to meet up with 40+ DOC'rs. (sight unseen)

Hope is a virus, & I wish everyone could catch it!

Hope beats strong on the fetal Doppler.(& in your own heart as well)

Hope is in the research's a fine time to be a mouse or a rat!!

Hope is painful,hope can't settle for status quo.

Hope gives up Saturdays to walk,bike,& walk for a cure.

Hope sells sugar-free lemonade(& Girl Scout Cookies) towards that cure.

Hope never dies..but it can disappear for weeks/months/years on end.

Hope & I are not best buds...but we need each other,more then words can say.(we are more then casual aquantinces)

Hope needs its own RX pad.

Hope savors each victory, & forgives past mistakes.

I hope you've met Hope...cure or not,we all need to believe things will get better.


Colleen said...

Hope is wonderful.
Many years ago - a lot of years ago - our 1st child was in the hospital and I was pregnant with the second. I had an ob appt. and he knew what we were going through. He decided to do the doppler to give me some hope. The heartbeat was there.
It gave me hope.
Both kiddos are great young men.
Hope is awesome.

Michael Hoskins said...

What a great, optimistic and fun post! Thanks for this... and yes, I have met Hope and look to see her whenever possible!

Kathy said...

Hope is an important part of our mindset. But you don't miss it until you get it back.