Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winning The Battle, Losing The War

Prioritizing. It's something that I'm none too good at, and by now, the list of things that I've been meaning to blog about is so long that I'll never in a million years catch up so why even try?

And plus, I've been having serious disenchantment with my blog platform. After 5+ years, it just seems so incredibly basic and blah(which was good in the beginning,but now it's overly simplistic). I know next to nothing about developing a website,but there has to be better platforms out there. Change needs to come. As emotionally attached as I am to "The D-Log Cabin", even that may have to go. There are posts in here that I'm sure are none-to-complimentary(too many names) toward certain parties,and I have to think that one day,some online stalker playing "Connect-the-Blogs" could play havoc with that. I try not to put too much private info on my blog but I'm not sure I've been terribly successful in that.

Most of my energy,emotional & physical, seems to be consumed by the diabetes these days...and it seems like I don't have enough energy to blog. It's not that it's hard(to dash off a 20 minute post), it's just that,given the choice, I'd rather collapse into bed. I hope that changes,but that's the reality for right now...winning the D-Battle, seriously losing/behind on every other part of my crazy/ busy life.

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Simon said...

Hey Heidi
I hear your post on so many levels. My blog Is even more of a design disaster and as you say finding time to make major changes is just so difficult.
Finding real time for any change seems to be so difficult both diabetes and lifestyle wise. When diabetes seems to play nice Ill find myself swamped by work and other things and vice versa.
I wish I knew how to deal with the general feeling of "whatever" but I just seem to play along. Things happen and I just let them....
Whatever happens it is great to have "met" you through your blog (& hopefully in person one day). You are doing an exceptional job at nursing school and many things to be proud of!

Scully said...

I'm sure when you really want to, you'll find the time to mess around with your blog. Writing hiatuses aren't a bad thing.

besides, we aren't going anywhere. When you write, We'll be here to read.

Scott K. Johnson said...

1) I love that you are still blogging, whether it is simple stories of your life (which are more powerful than we all think), beautiful poetry, or anything else that comes to mind

2) taking a break never hurt anyone

3) when you're ready, you'll find the energy to play around with stuff.

Thanks for all you share with us.