Friday, June 10, 2011

The Runaway

It's been missing for two full days. I know it isn't in the car(checked) or house (for with the number of lows I've had, I'd have heard the alarm,the battery was fully charged)

Where is it? Where was the last place that I went that it might've fallen out of my pocket? Let's try the doctor's office.

"Excuse me,but did I leave a medical device there on Wed.?"

"Yes,it's here. We were wondering who's it was."

Success, relief. How I didn't realize that sooner is anyone's guess.

I'm not a parent,but I think I know exactly how it must feel to get your kid back safe & sound..a little bit angry ("Bad, BAD Dexcom!") a whole lot scared, and a whole lot relieved. The day I leave a device like that in an airport is the day I NEVER see it again. Everything is getting labeled/phone numbered,against the day that it does happen again.

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EMR said...

I can understand and comprehend the dependence and the connectivity with the device that made you so anxious.Good to have got it back.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! So glad you found it!