Monday, November 01, 2010

A Lot to SAE

Sarah, over at Sugabetic has designed an awesome logo that very much represents what National Diabetes Month is all about.

I'm aware that my advocacy efforts will not go very far this year. And I can't do NaPoBloMo (for what would have been the third year running). My education will be limited to direct contact (i.e."Do not touch the pump. Do NOT touch the pump.")with health care providers.

In the works for November: (D-related)

November 3: DSMA. (Twitter chat)

November 5-6: Research study ends.(for now) Return (crappy Dexcom)equipment,fill out forms, participate in focus group. I really,really,really need the break. It's just been one disaster after the next lately,on every front. I really need to unload everything bothering me (equipment failures,communication failures,algorithmic failures) and get back on track. It's one thing when it works,its another,when it doesn't.

November 9: National D-Blog Day.

November 10: THIRD ANNIVERSARY.(actually,the have-surgery-on-your-arm-day) Will move the actual celebration of said day to the 8th,or 9th)

November 11- Diabetes Transplant Summit. I am really,really, really hoping to attend this, but I'm not going to assume that everything is going to be hunky-dory enough to do so. But at least the husband would drive me..if we choose to go.

November 14- The Big Blue Test. I shall move my pinkie finger up and down for 14 minutes,and then test my blood sugar.(in honor of the concept,and not being able to do any more then that)Which will probably make my blood sugar go up,not down,but last year's 35 minute sweat-a-thon had the same yeah,it's not about the blood sugar,it's about the education.

November 1-November 30 Have the best control a1c looms mid-December,& it takes hard core committal to bring about real change in an a1c. If you want it,its absolutely about those overnights and post-meals & pre-meals. Deciding to get serious about control (1-2 weeks pre-appointment) does not work. (been there, done that)


George said...

That 1-2 week thing is so silly except I always seem to try harder than. And most time I struggle with high.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear that things have been so crazy for you lately. Here's to you getting some rest and relaxation and stability.