Monday, November 22, 2010

The Little Chevy That Could

This is Nugget.

Nugget is my 3rd vehicle, the last two having met unfortunate ends involving collisions & ex-cops & Northern Virginia intersections.Nugget is a product of the 20th century...they don't make Chevy Cavaliers anymore.(I've had several interesting run-in's with fellow Chevy Cavalier owners,they absolutely loved theirs.Apparently,it's a sub-culture..much like the DOC.And I do love my car,but it is a very basic car & it's racking up the miles..doesn't have as much gumph as it had in 2005.So,when it does quit,I have no problem moving on,and getting something from the 21st century.Technology is not a bad thing.)
And I believe I have matured, (in matters pertaining to vehicular operation)for Nugget is definatly the longest lived vehicle in the lineup. It was a Christmas Eve(make a rapid decision NOW) sort of deal,required by the family members tired of carting me around on a regular basis.


It was a chilly November night,(about 2.5 weeks ago)& I'd had a long day(making the 4 hour trip down to Virginia to complete the research study). Spent several hours at the research study,went to a buffet & stuffed my face with everything I probably shouldn't,bought a gift for our 3rd wedding anniversary(and gotten carded for the first time in my life,which was very annoying.Worse then that-I asked the cashier if she needed to see some ID and she declined. So long, golden 20's) and was headed across the mountain to spend the night at brother #2's house (brother #1's kid had the plague).

Before doing so, I filled up the gas tank(for the 2nd time that day)& hoped the compensation would be quick in coming..for I'd spent a small fortune in gas from all those trips. And yes-it was absolutely worth it(free strips,pods,etc.)but if they didn't have both monetary & supply distribution it may not have been. Research studies can be educational, but they can also be a pain in the butt.(4 times down there=stick a fork in me, I'm done)

It was about half way up said mountain, as Nugget huffed and puffed away like the little engine that could, when it happened.


Instinctively,my foot let off the accelerator,my eyes closed, and my body tensed
as I waited for 60 mph-flesh-on-metal-contact as a large buck glided strong,gracefully,purposefully, right in front of my vehicle.There was no time to hit the brakes or went that quickly. It was like one of those Kodak moments-where the subject has just woken up,and the flash goes off right in their startled eyes.

Several heart-stopping seconds later, when there was no consequent cascade of deer vs car vs airbag vs chest vs flying off road, I opened my eyes. Apparently, large deer had successfully missed my car (and the one slightly behind, in the other lane) and made it to the median strip of the interstate. It took me awhile to truly relax after that,for I thought my car was a goner. I've hit small rodents before (NOT on purpose) but its the first time a deer jumped in front of my car. And I know its a common problem...the sides of the road have alot of dead animals this time of the year.

I'm just grateful nothing happened,for that deer was huge & absolutely would have totaled my car.Nugget lived, to run another day.


Sarah Jane said...

WHAT! Are you kidding me? I LOVE my cavy. I've had it since sophomore year of college and that thing has gotten me places, including - oh yeah - UTAH! I can't believe they don't make them anymore! They're such good little cars!

Scully said...

What a great story! Made me laugh all at the same time. great post.