Monday, April 05, 2010


As an East Coaster,you learn to prepare for various nateral diasters.Floods.Hurricanes.Tornados.Earthquakes really aren't in our repetioire of things to lie awake at night worrying about.

It was right in the middle of the post-Easter Dinner lemon merangue pie when Baja Mexico let loose with a 7.2 after-dinner mint,thereby waking us all up.(in case we were sleeping) It felt initially like a storm shaking the house,only it was a balmy 66 degrees outside & everything was rattling.I stood up,as everyone collectively held their breath,waiting for it to stop.When it didn't,people started climbing under tables,etc.& I headed for the doors,if it was the big one they'd not be pulling my body from the rubble.(give me a natural burial any day)The house continued to shake & then stopped.

"6.9 on the tracker!" one of the other party goers announced.

"That wasn't a bad one,just a tremble," said someone else.

Yeah,it was.This East Coasters face was whiter then the Easter lilys adorning the church that morning.

"Need a drink?you look shaken up!"

"Coffee,please."(which really made no sense but that is what I needed right then)

It was a big deal...& for two people south of the border,it was a lethal day.Give me the predictable blizzard/hurricane any day.

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George said...


If only we knew when they were coming it would not be so bad but the surprise is what makes it the worst. IMHO

Scott K. Johnson said...

Scary. I was talking with G-Money about this the other day.

Cara said...

There was a 4.something here when I was in college. It scared the crap out of me. I live in TN for cryin' out loud! :(
I'm so glad you were okay. I'd have been terrified.