Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dr. Google is Not Your Friend

When you google "low T4" and "normal TSH" and "excessive urination" you get a whole slew of stuff that you did not want to know. Seriously, pituitary, do NOT go the way of your sister organ(la pancreas) and whack out on me. Because you happen to control 4-5 other important organ functions, not just one.Will recheck in a could just be a lab error,and I know widescale immune dysfunction is very common in type 1 diabetes(thyroid,adrenal,celiac). Actually,I could handle it if it was just hypothyroid,that's easily manageable. I'm trying not to think about the alternatives.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Uh oh! You are right - Dr. Google is unkind. It makes sense though, right? The internet (and therefore Dr. G) don't like normal boring stuff. It's the weird crap that catches attention!

Keep us posted, we'll be thinking of you!