Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ode To a Low

The journey of a thousand wishes
starts here,in front of the refridgerator
levator scapulaes elevating in silent harmony with the creak of the old metal door
willing,willing,willing it to be so.

Juice dribbles,spills,stains the floor
but the alien quaffing it by the carton takes no notice of this fact
it is not important,it can wait.

Time slows,it stops,there is only the present
and the promise of another dawn is no guerentee.

Wish One is so simple,so pure,like the Florida's pride OJ trinkling down the throat,curing the shakes
restoring peace & harmony to the Universe once again.

Wish Two looks at the cgm
wildly spiking it's merry way to a disastrous high
& wants a cure for this thing called diabetes.

Wish Three,the clock strikes three am
and the PWD staggers off to bed
suddenly too tired to care anymore
for diabetes will still be there on the morrow
and the need for sleep hits hard.

And the rest of life may use up those thousand wishes but the D-ones are pretty high up on the list.

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Cherise said...

Awesome!!!! Very true. I do not experience lows often at night but when I do it sucks and it's very exhausting

Scott K. Johnson said...

This is great Heidi!