Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Worst Job at Disney not, contrary to popular belief, being the ride operator of the Disney attraction "It's a Small World." If you've ever been on that ride, you know just how horrible that song is.(especially having to hear it all day,every day)

It was the final day of vacation, and time to bid Adios to the Coronado Springs Resort/remaining Friends for Life conventioneers. I was up at 7 am, to complete the arduous two-hour packing process.(otherwise, it was have taken twice that, unpacking) Humongous green duffel bag=stuffed. Humongous suitcase=equally stuffed. That is why I fly Southwest, they are cheaper then cheap but at least there are no checked bag fees. Rather then stay up till post-midnight doing all that, I chose to wake up early. So after packing up,eating a quick breakfast, and calling the Magical Express to update my pickup time my roommate and had all our junk transported to the Coronado storage room.(she also checked in some bags,which I couldn't do, as SW is not on the preferred list) Went to the business center to print out my boarding pass. As I'm sitting there, trying to make method from the madness, my Dexcom starts shrieking at me. Being post-meal,of course I ignore it. Five minutes later,I start to feel low and whaddya know, that was actually a low alarm. I pay the $1 fee and stumble out of the room, in the general direction of the drink machines, until my room mate points out that I'm missing my mug(free refills) so I go back and get that from the business center and take off in a hypoglycemic hurry for the food court. A full mug of Orange soft-drink later, I'm good to go.(refill with diet) Get on bus for Downtown Disney. The only people on the bus are T.O.P.S. (Take off Pounds Sensibly) Conventioneers. Several of them have diabetes, and one actually has a pump. When they hear we have diabetes, we are presented with honorary Tinker Bell bottle caps/magnets. That was really sweet of them.
At Disney, employees tend to be a little more talkative then at your run-of-the-mill theme park and you're expected to remain pleasant for the constant barrage of the following comments.

"Have a Magical Day!"
"Where are you from?"
"Are you having a wonderful time?"
"Is this your first time at Disney?"
"Have a Magical Day!"
(rinse, repeat)

I was sufficiently upset from the previous day's Disney Police encounter to not be having a Magical Day. Not that I wasn't having a good time, it's just that I was upset at Disney/Ebay seller who ripped me off/etc.

Wander through Downtown Disney, eventually making it to the big store where room-mate decidedes to go in and I head off to McDonalds,being 122 mg/dl and hungry as a horse. She isn't so hungry, being in the 300's. After lunch, I head to the Lego store to find some Star Wars characters as a souvenear for my husband. I entered the store, where you can fill a large cup for $12.95(various bricks,etc.) I get a cup and commence to filling it, trying to avoid tripping over the zillion little kids everywhere. There is an employee there, patiently picking up and restocking EVERY little Lego piece as it falls on the floor. No small task, the floor is constantly being littered with hundreds more Legos as screaming little kids digging into the containers fling Legos left and right, all over Creation. To add to the mess, I accidentally dump my diet Coke and transform the Legos into a sea of wet, sticky Legos. Employee comes over and wipes it up with paper towels.
She deserves a medal-that has to be the worst job at Disney. I sure couldn't that, day in and day out. I thank her, and pay for my purchases. Head over to the Big Store(aka The Wonderful World of Disney) and wander around looking for my room mate for 30 minutes. Do alot of shopping, run into some more FFL people(I swear we're all magnetic), head back to hotel, rescue stuff from storage. Room mate leaves on 3:45 bus, I leave at 4:15, get to airport, do curb-side check-in(which is good because I could not physically budge that humongous duffel) Browse shops, go through security, go to S'barro for a slice of pizza. As I'm paying for my pizza, an employee knocks a container of red marinara sauce off the counter. It goes flying through the air, hits the floor, and splatters all over my left tennis shoe.I was not able to get it all out, so I'll have to wash it. Accidents happen,I wasn't mad, but it would have been nice if they would have given my a discount for that. Ate supper, boarded plane, and it was uneventful from there.

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asskeeper said...

My mom heard something about a plane going to Maryland having issues. She knew it came from someplace else though. She did worry about you though.