Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 More Awesome Iphone/Touch Apps

I really have to get caught up with the zillion and one things that have happened this month. Vacations. Birthdays. Thousands of people with type 1 diabetes(and family members) coming together. Individuals in tightly clad spandex,doing dare devil stunts. Life and sometimes-not-so-certain moments in the OR. And I'd kind of like to do it before jetting off into the wild blue European yonder(this weekend).

So this is my start.

#1. The Weather Channel. Yeah, it sounds insanely boring, but its pretty nifty to be checking out the immediate/future forcast when you don't have a tv/radio around. Cost: FREE.

#2 Password Shaker. Random password generator, to keep things interesting and un-guessable. You can store the info in the app, so you don't forget them.
Cost: FREE.

#3 Camera Zoom. Takes the standard camera option to a whole new level, you can zoom in and out while taking pictures. Very cool, I really love this app! Cost: .99

#4 Speed Bones Lite.Fun game, that helps you learn the major bones of the body. I will be getting the real version/other anatomical apps to help me with the upcoming anatomy course this fall. Cost: FREE

#5 Battery Status. Tells you how much talk time/internet/audio remaining before your iphone/itouch totally poops out. Cost: FREE

#6 MyConvert. Does almost everything, no mmol/mg/dl converter but hopefully in a future version. Cost: FREE

#7 Drivers Ed. Unseful for the newbie teen or for the older adult brushing up on general knowledge. Cost:FREE

#8 IAreaCodes. Tells you where that US call is coming from, as well as including international calling codes. Cost: FREE

#9 Time Zone Converter. At .99, this is your cheapest option(no freebies) to check on the times around the world from where you are.(if you're not near a computer) Will come in handy, should I decide to call anyone from Europe.

#10 Waterslide. A fun, summer-ish app. Cost: FREE

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I like CameraZoom because you can set it to tap anywhere to take the picture! I always have trouble trying to find that damn camera icon when I'm trying to take pictures where I'm not looking at the screen.