Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating the Lowly Lipid

Give me steak, lots of steak, with the gooey stuff I love
If 200 is normal, I know mine is way above
Let me eat lots of milk,eggs, and hunks of cheese
I eat what I want, and what I want is grease
Load me up with bacon, pass the gravy please

Just turn me loose, keep the skillet good and greasy
Honey, where's my Lipitor..
And if I eat all the steak that I shouldn't,
What the heck are these pills for?
Let me eat what I want till I'm stuffed or through
Do the bypass, do what you have to do
I want my steak, and I want to eat it too

Oh, give me pepperoni pizza, french fries and two Big Macs
Let my arteries fill up, with many a roll of plaques
I won't eat nothin' lest its grilled or fried
My tastebuds rule, my hands are tied
My doctor had low cholesterol and then he died..

-Glick and Philips, Volume 1(2005)

And speaking of bloodwork, mine has come back. TSH in range. Microalbumin clear. Magnesium inching up, for the first time in 5 months.
LDL- 77
Triglycerides: 43
Personally, I thought it was a report worthy of a A++, but my doctor thought otherwise. Scribbled "ok for now" on the report. I'm not sure if he expects all his D's to have an HDL in the 90's and non-existent triglycerides,(or just wanted to rain all over my parade) how much better can it be? Granted, the a1c=needs lots of work, but the rest of it is looking pretty great in my book. And for the record,I love cholesterol...and ridiculously saturated hydrogenated everything but I try not to eat much of it,it doesn't love my weight(or improve the action of insulin!)

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