Saturday, March 28, 2009

A V-Log of Three Insulin Pumps

And if it sounds like I've got a bug in my throat, its because I do. Strep throat, to be more precise. Hopefully I will get better at this vlog thing,thoughts more collected + not sounding like an adolescent squawker.(and hopefully the drugs will start doing their thing soon)Strep sucks.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Heidi! That was great! You looked very comfortable and at ease, froggy throat and all! :-)

I'm so glad that you vlogged - I feel like I know you a little bit better now.

Minnesota Nice said...

Yes indeed - it was very fun to see you.
Hope you feel better. I have had an upper resp deal for over 3 weeks - no strep, but did not have a voice for several days.

Mandy said...

Great Vlog!
Can't imagine Minimed would reject you after you were approved by insurance. They just about harassed me. Now I have a matching Ping (green and all!)

I hope you feel better! Strep really sux.

BTW, you really think the meter is way off? I've noticed it is a tad low, but thought that overall it is pretty accurate.

type1emt said...

Thanks guys! it was fun to make.

Mandy,yeah for me it is...I would like to use it but accuracy is more important then convenience to me.